About Us

Leading Edge International is the manufacturer and distributor of top quality cookware. We have the largest variety of kitchen goods in the market, and no one can match us for selection and prices.
Our mission is to offer high quality, own-branded products at outstanding value for money.

We offer a full range of quality assured, own label, market leading cookware: non-stick and aluminum range, stock pots, casseroles, pressure cookers, and much more.

Our products have been carefully designed by our in-house experts, and are manufactured to last a lifetime, as supported by our extensive guarantees. It is the unique design, superior quality, and attention to detail which makes a Leading Edge International product outstanding in the cookware and kitchenware marketplace. Offering the best value for money is a key part of our mission, and we see our future as increasing our range of top quality products to satisfy our clients. To provide a range of superior kitchenware, each item we stock has been designed and manufactured exclusively for Leading Edge International at its best.

All cookware are made using materials that are internationally reputed and perfect for household use. In addition, the finishing and processing of aluminum cookware sold at our company is one that is hard to find elsewhere. In order to maintain the standards of quality and performance, the following certifications are an excellent proof of our dedication and commitment to serving you with the best cookware in the country.